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          Welcome!Welcome you are visiting Gallop Technology Ltd. Website!

          AS one of PC peripheral maker, Gallop is supporting our clients around the world since 2001. Over the years, returning clients, repeating orders from Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Korea, United States and more; they made us believe that our sincere service, Reliable quality, competitive price is the major key to be their partners!


          We are proud of ourselves can be the maker for some name brands by doing their OEM and ODM projects in past years. We precious our partners are willing to share their new ideas with us, and allow us to make them into profitable products. To protect our partners’ business is also protecting us.

Gallop Technology Co.,Ltd.

          We hope you are pleased by viewing our product lines, and hope you can get some idea to make profitable choice and grow your business! Gallop technology is looking forward to hear from you!


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